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Client Story

Teck creates composable advantage to enhance efficiency across its business operations

Client: Teck
Region: Canada
Sector: Mining

Moving to a composable ERP is not a light decision, but for Teck it opened opportunities. Its Renew Business Systems project is working to enhance efficiency, support ongoing innovation, and help enable the mine of the future. In addition to reduced training time and streamlined operations, the improved information flow means the company can deploy new mines more quickly.

“Capgemini has been an excellent partner over the years for Teck and especially with our RBS program. They bring a lot of industry experience as well as experience from other industries and clients so we can determine if it applies to our work.”

Eric Fechter
Director, Renew Business Systems

The composable system aligns platforms to improve productivity, safety, and efficiency, and provides data for better decision-making. The RBS project uses hundreds of APIs to move data between the various systems using a publish-and-subscribe model that makes information readily available.

“Any time we have a new need that is not met by one of our current platforms, we can always add another platform that will provide a specialized piece and we can integrate it easily to work across all of our platforms.”

Teck was historically a waterfall deployment shop, but it chose an agile path with RBS nearly three years ago. Now it creates smaller deployments and more rapidly addresses problems presented by business customers. The agile approach required composable ERP..

“As we looked across multiple platforms, multiple implementation partners, and the need to integrate, an Agile practice was the only way that we were going to be able to make everything come together at the same time.”

Renew Business Systems sits at the middle of Teck’s business. It integrates business information, sensor data, and other readings to deliver information such as dynamic depreciations to run preventative maintenance and other time-based or meter-based readings.
“One of our core platforms specifically deals with health, safety, environment, and community engagement. In addition, our maintenance and asset platform is capturing sensor data to do things like monitor our carbon statistics.”

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