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CHS transforms to deliver consistent customer experience

Move to SAP Suite on HANA brings more connection, personalization, and innovation

Helping customers, farmer-owners, and other stakeholders grow their businesses has been the mission of CHS since its founding in 1929. The leading global agribusiness is owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States, and its cooperative status means producers are both customers and owners. Not only is the CHS business complex, the industry in which it operates is full of uncertainty. As a commodity-driven agriculture company, it must deal with pricing futures, weather impacts, and a fast-changing global market.

Existing legacy systems did not make it easy for customers, producers, or owners to interact with CHS. Business units were operating without common processes, resulting in an uneven experience for customers and owners. Customers who dealt with 14 different CHS business units would have to log into 14 different portals that all had a different look and feel.

CHS knew it needed an enterprise technology platform to transform its business and connect all the touch points. The decision was made to move to SAP Suite on HANA, with Capgemini selected as the technology partner.

Customers expect a connected journey, personalization, and innovation. CHS wanted to create a better experience at every step. The SAP platform provided this starting point by allowing customers to access the company via a One CHS portal and receive a consistent experience.

Technology is driving a thirst for data. There are tremendous possibilities in what the data can tell farm producers and cooperatives  to increase yields and reduce risks.

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