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Chilewich creates a better online customer experience

Magento Commerce provides the power to handle growing business opportunities

Chilewich, at its core, is a textile design company. Founded by Sandy Chilewich, the company creates beautiful and durable products for consumers, contractors, and hospitality. The family-owned business celebrates rich textures and versatile colors with unique materials whose sleek, elevated contemporary designs are known throughout the industry.

The company’s pride in its product was being let down by its existing website platform. It was six years old and could no longer keep up with the growing demand for products without significant investment in development time. The other challenge was the backend. Chilewich is more than a direct-to-consumer business, so multiple business units needed a digital presence. With the old system, each backend system had to be maintained separately.

Chilewich chose to work with the Digital Customer Experience (DCX) group at Capgemini to move to Magento (an Adobe company). It gave control to users, even those who are not developers, required only one license for both B2B and B2C sites, and delivered an improved UI/UX experience.

Chilewich Client story

Read how Capgemini DCX and Magento are positioning Chilewich for growth at home and internationally in Chilewich launches a more responsive online presence.

Connect with us to learn how to deliver a better customer experience.

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