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industrial worker in sheet metal component factory

Accelerate finance and supply-chain operations with Capgemini ADMnext

A major steel producer streamlined processes to prevent disruption and improve business performance

Workflow disruptions can have devastating results, especially for companies serving global clients. The effects are compounded when the company is a producer of essential materials needed for manufacturing across industries. A single bottleneck in one enterprise can lead to a major disruption across multiple sectors worldwide.

Capgemini stepped in to help a major North American steel producer prevent this contingency. The company needed to accelerate its finance and supply-chain processes to better serve its clients across a large global footprint. It faced several problems and inefficiencies, including long execution times, stuck shipping transactions, and delayed payments.

The Capgemini team leveraged our ADMnext solution to transform operations and accelerate the organization’s supply chain and finance functions. This streamlined multiple processes, improved performance and user experience, and saved significant time by automating procedures. This steel producer could now process orders and complete shipments more quickly and prevent delays and workflow interruption.

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Sameer Bhagwat

Expert in Application Outsourcing, Digital Transformation, IT Strategy
I have over 20 years of experience managing senior leaders & globally dispersed teams across US, Europe, and India.  I am focused on selling strategic managed services deals with a unique combination of leveraging traditional Applications and IT portfolio along with Digital and Cloud technologies to drive business value for clients.

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Expert in Enterprise Architecture
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