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Client Stories

14 West drives growth with financial transformation

Oracle NetSuite streamlines processes and delivers tools for international expansion.

14 West is a Baltimore-based business-services firm that supports media and publishing companies with a global mindset. It helps protect, guide, and grow businesses and the people behind them.

The company used the same accounting platform for more than 20 years and it served its needs when it was a small domestic business but, as the company’s network of clients grew and expanded into other countries, the legacy system was challenged.

After assessing the situation, 14 West determined it needed to embark on a financial transformation. The company executives chose to work with Capgemini based on an Oracle NetSuite recommendation for a partner that could deliver an international project with white-glove service.

The result was a global solution that could grow with the business. 14 West reduced its monthly close time by 40 percent, delivering financial information to clients more quickly and with more transparency into the underlying data.

Learn how Capgemini helped 14 West find a more efficient financial reporting solution with greater transparency and data.

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