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Virtual organizations need real leadership

Pragmatic tips from the Capgemini Research Institute

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

The COVID-19 virus may have sequestered us to our homes, putting a chokehold on nearly every aspect of our lives, but things have not ground to a halt. The world continues to turn, and we must move with it – albeit in very different ways.

The Capgemini Research Institute will be releasing a series of research notes with pragmatic guidance on how organizations need to take action on the things that matter in the wake of COVID-19.

The first area we explore is that of remote work. Although it is not a new phenomenon for many, this current crisis and the way we deal with it is bound to fundamentally recast the leader-employee relationship. In Virtual organizations need real leadership: COVID-19 and the virtual operating model we look at the questions every business leader today must ask themselves. How do I lead effectively in a virtual environment? How do I ensure that my workforce remains motivated and engaged? How do I encourage and maintain collaboration and creativity virtually?

The move to virtual working is more than a change of modus operandi. It requires a step-change in behaviors and mindset for both leaders and employees. It requires trust, accountability, empathy, authenticity, creativity, and care. In other words, it requires things that matter.

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