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The Digital Supply Chain’s Missing Link: Focus

Focus is key for scaling up supply chain initiatives

Although the digitization of the supply chain is one of the key drivers of value and growth for businesses today, many approaches lack direction, and the full value and growth potential isn’t being realized. Initiatives are failing to scale up effectively because organizations are attempting to digitalize everything at once and spreading themselves too thinly.

The new report by Capgemini’s Research Institute The Digital Supply Chain’s Missing Link: Focus surveyed supply chain executives at more than 1,000 organizations across consumer products, and manufacturing and retail to understand the digital initiatives they are adopting, and the benefits they are seeing as a result.

The potential size of cost savings explains why supply chain is a top priority for organizations, but we found that only one in seven is able to scale up their digital initiatives, with the vast majority (86%) stuck at the PoC or pilot stage. Prioritization and focus are needed.

The research zooms in on the following areas:

  • The strategic importance of supply chain digitization
  • How successful organizations focus only on strategic initiatives and deploy them at scale
  • A shortlist of key use cases that can focus organizations’ efforts and investment
  • Key recommendations for a successful supply chain digitization journey.

Business leaders recognize the criticality of the next-gen digital supply chain for driving growth, but it’s an absence of focus that keeps many organizations from scaling up their digital initiatives.

Download the report.

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