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Study: Consumers are ready for driverless cars

The promise of autonomous cars stirs excitement with consumers around the world, and manufacturers are investing to meet the demand. But consumers expect self-driving cars to take a large role in their lives and give them more free time. Is the automotive industry ready to deliver?

Consumers are excited about autonomous cars. They imagine driverless cars giving them time to socialize with family and friends either virtually or by sharing the space, picking up non-driving family members, or providing them “me time” to meditate or exercise.

According to our recent Capgemini Research Institute report, consumer acceptance of self-driving cars is set to double in five years, and they are willing to pay a premium for them. Even though consumers are eager to drive autonomous cars forward, companies need to make sure their investment is matching the enthusiasm.

Autonomous cars will alter the automotive industry. Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, has said “software will account for 90% of future innovations in the car.” The self-driving car will have millions of lines of code and automotive companies need to actively start building capabilities with software to be competitive.

Unlike human-driven cars, self-driving cars learn from another. Read more in Steering the future of the autonomous car: What global consumers want from self-driving cars and how organizations can give it to them.

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