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Elevate the customer experience with SAP Sales Cloud

Your customers are in control of the sales process.

Consumers have constant access to a world of products on any device. This reality has reached B2B companies, forcing businesses to adapt their sales processes to fit this new experience economy.

While this challenge represents a broad, fundamental change to the B2B ecosystem, it also offers profound opportunities. Instead of devoting budget dollars to new technology only, businesses must invest in a new mindset, one that breaks down silos and puts the customer at the center of every interaction and accelerates lead-to-close journeys.

Capgemini is at the forefront of this paradigm shift; as a global SAP Sales Cloud leader, we ensure our clients’ strategies, processes, and technologies are aligned to optimize performance in the experience economy. Our forward-thinking sales strategies and digital capabilities empower companies to connect with buyers throughout their journey.

Learn more about our approach to achieving digital sales excellence in our latest POV.

In this paper, readers will learn about:

  • How a 360-degree customer view grows revenue and enhances service delivery
  • Measuring the performance of sales teams and incentivizing performance
  • Accelerating the sales journey while enhancing engagement at every touchpoint
  • The importance of a learning-based culture.

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