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Creative agency selection is not a one-way street

Eighty percent of a marketing department’s services are provided by agencies. Learn how to make the right agency selection decisions.

Customer experience management is about more than running campaigns. The tasks of the marketing department have expanded significantly, making fast and interdisciplinary collaboration with agencies increasingly important.

With 80% of a marketing department’s services provided by agencies, this is clearly a crucial decision. Four out of five companies rely on the help of agencies, which have become the extended workbench of the marketing department.

So, what makes choosing an agency such a complicated process? Experience suggests that there are many reasons. To begin with, it’s never just about a single agency, because today one agency alone often cannot cover the know-how needed to design omnichannel communication. The required media expertise is too diverse. Instead, a CMO usually has several specialized agencies that ideally work together. This form of cooperation is called an agency model.

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