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COP26: making informed decisions

The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties, COP26, marks the deadline for governments to set out their more ambitious climate change goals following the Paris Agreement signed at COP21 six years ago.

It comes at a moment when a sustainable recovery towards a net-zero world is paramount.

At Capgemini, we are committed to being part of this historic event and to acting on sustainability with governments, as well as with like-minded partners and clients. COP is happening now, but our engagement is a long-standing one that started many years ago – we shared our data and progress in our 2020/2021 Group Environmental Report.

Making informed decisions

We believe innovation and technology are key levers to address the challenges posed by climate change. We bring our deep expertise in the innovation, technology, and industry sectors to the service of our customers in order to increase everyone’s knowledge and develop solutions that meet these challenges. We innovate together to help our clients optimize their use of available data and explore new sustainable models, combining artificial intelligence, economic performance, and ethics. Similarly, our solutions enable governments and administrations to offer efficient and reliable digital public services, tailored to users’ needs.

You can find a digest of stories, insights, and opinions on the subject of innovation and solutions for the climate change challenge here.