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Capgemini DevOps Series

The Capgemini DevOps Series is designed to provide CIOs, Senior Application Delivery and Senior IT Ops executives and their staff with the necessary holistic insight into best practices for enabling DevOps to support enterprise Agile. The challenges of executing a DevOps and Agile transformation requires dealing with topics such as version control & parallel development, automation of testing, automation of ops, service management, deployment tasks and managing / incentivizing team structures. The audience will get a chance to understand all the above along with some very interesting panel discussions. With a holistic understanding of the transformation challenges, you can better lead and measure teams who are tasked with implementing DevOps to support Agile business practices. An Enterprise Executive should leave the event with clear insights on how to assess their current state, how to architect a transformation road map and how to manage the people and behavior changes that will drive successful achievement of DevSecOps.

It’s a packed agenda of full day consisting of plenary and break-out session, followed by panel discussion and networking event. Each of the session deals with a real-world problem and the speakers share strategies, patterns and tactical solution to solve it. Here is an abstract of the various sessions.

Date: 5th September

Venue: Convene, 16 W Adams St, Chicago, IL, 60603

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