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Preserving the fabric of life: Why biodiversity loss is as urgent as climate change

In this Capgemini Research Institute report, ‘Preserving the fabric of life: Why biodiversity loss is as urgent as climate change‘, we examine the importance of protecting biodiversity and its significance to organizations.

Biodiversity encompasses the entire variety of life on Earth. It is necessary for the planet to function and provides the conditions for human existence. Damage to biodiversity, called biodiversity loss, threatens this delicate balance by stripping away the protection that healthy ecosystems provide. To address this issue, organizations must take strategic action to reduce their impact on the natural world.

We surveyed over 1,800 executives across 12 countries and 15 industries to inform our research on this topic. Based on our findings and analysis, it is clear that current efforts aimed at biodiversity preservation and restoration are insufficient. Only 24% of respondents indicate that their organization has a biodiversity strategy, and it is estimated that the financing gap for biodiversity exceeds $700 billion annually.

Despite these shortcomings, executives realize the importance of biodiversity. Of those we surveyed, 86% agree that biodiversity is important to the planet, and 88% understand that it helps to address climate change. But, as the immediate focus has turned towards fighting climate change on its own, many organizations view biodiversity as a lesser priority. Unfortunately, this approach is unsustainable and could lead to an environmental catastrophe. 

Organizations will have to act now to avoid the worst impacts of a biodiversity crisis. In this report, in addition to analyzing the issues surrounding biodiversity in depth, we conclude with four recommendations that will help organizations advance their biodiversity journeys, focusing on strategy, collaboration, measurement and disclosure, and technological and data solutions.

Download our report to find out more about the importance of biodiversity and how organizations can act to address this critical issue.

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Meet our experts

Cyril Garcia*

CEO Capgemini Invent Global, Global Head of Sustainability, Member of the Group Executive Board
CEO Capgemini Invent Global, Global Head of Sustainability, Member of the Group Executive Board

Florent Andrillon

Vice President | Global Head of Sustainability solutions, Capgemini Invent

Salomon (Sol) Solinas

EVP: Americas Sustainability Lead
A corporate sustainability and digital transformation expert, with 25 years of experience, spanning multiple industries, I am the lead for Sustainability in the Americas for Capgemini. My ESG and sustainability expertise includes enterprise digital transformation, circular economy, strategic energy management, ENERGY STAR and LEED green buildings, green IT, renewable energy, carbon foot-printing, and environmental metrics and reporting. I am a staunch advocate of human-centered design, re-purposing Maslow’s ’Hierarchy of Needs’ to prioritize, monetize, and deploy digitally-enabled use cases in ‘smart’ communities. Previous roles include: a founder of US EPA’s ENERGY STAR program and its Director of Strategic Planning; and Assistant Office Director at EPA’s Office of International Affairs leading various US-led multilateral partnerships related to global climate change, clean air, water and sanitation, as well as solid and nuclear waste.

Kara Pecknold

Global Co-lead of Sustainability, Capgemini Invent
Kara is an Executive Design Director and Sustainability lead at frog who is passionate about the  dynamic  opportunities for impact found at the intersection of people, planet, services and systems. With a graduate degree in design and over 15 years of experience, she has supported her clients to build better futures through design research, team and org activation, product and service design and new ventures.

Marisa Slatter

Expert in Strategy & Transformation

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