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Why SAP is the way forward in the retail industry


The retail industry is entering an unknown period. Experts and consumers alike are tuned in to see what the new trends will be and where things go. Businesses, supply chains, and even consumers have changed. What worked before may no longer be viable, and each company needs to identify what needs adjustment for the new reality in markets across the globe.

In contrast, one area that remains unchanged is technology and its importance for operational success in large enterprises. SAP, and in particular SAP S/4HANA, is a necessary mention. More and more companies were realizing the benefits of a move to SAP S/4HANA prior to this disruption. At this point, delaying the transition is, at best, a missed opportunity to strengthen your business and, at worst, it may be a misstep that is hard to recover from, as the business will be unable to keep up in the current recessionary and hyper-competitive market.

From a business-operations perspective, SAP can truly make all the difference. Retailers need to have a “single version of the truth” to identify trends in customer behavior, control various parts of their business, and capitalize on the right opportunities.

A company’s ability to recover along with the industry hinges on its adaptability to new and evolving trends. With SAP’s solutions and platforms, you can examine those trends in great detail. With fashion products for instance, you can see what products are being bought, worn, liked, or disliked, and how the customer experience was received at the time of purchase. Imagine this capability extended across product types and categories within the industry. It is clearly a powerful tool for gathering important data, and this is just one benefit in a long list.

Customer loyalty will be a key focus area going forward. A shaken market landscape means that companies will have to fight more than ever to retain customers and acquire new ones. A redefined loyalty program powered by the insights of SAP will be a differential strategy for retailers in the increasingly competitive market space.

Given our long-standing experience in the retail industry, Capgemini is keenly aware of these changes. For over four decades, we have worked with SAP to provide its solutions to our partners, which perfectly positions our enterprise to support your business’ move to SAP. We have more certified S/4 HANA consultants than any service provider in the market, and along with our commitment to strategy and innovation we can support your company in this difficult and unprecedented moment.

It is time to reflect on the way forward. By taking on the unique opportunities offered by technology, this disruption can be navigated, while paving the way for a brighter future.


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Steve Tietjen is a Principal at Capgemini, assisting clients in the retail and apparel industry. Formerly with SAP, Steve has the experience to understand how the right solutions can make a positive impact on the business even in times of disruption. He can be reached at