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Navigating the AI Hype Wave: MIT’s Top 10 Articles of 2023 Unveil the Realities and Innovations Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence!

Alex Bulat
Dec 30, 2023

Do Not Get Distracted around the Hype of AI

10 must read articles selected by MIT to grasp what happen in 2023. Which must read article would you add to the list or recommend me to read on AI? (share in the comments)

It has been a tumultuous year around AI with up and downs. With claims of Sentience. A with a sprout of 1000+ new startup. Boom of inventments reaching the 205B dollar Mark. A GPU shortage.

Big Players diving into the game early and creating their own LLM Models. Now the rush for the ‘Small LLM’. New tools being developed. Math being solved by new methods. Sustainability questions raising around all the hunger for compute. Extinctions treats being raised. AI4good getting a stronger foot hold in the world of medicine.

We can only conclude that the field of AI is back on the radar and it has unleashed some new possibilities, emotions and debates across the globe. Lets see what 2024 will bring us in the world of Technology

Meet the author

Alex Bulat

Group Technology Director
Alex is Group Technology Director, focused on helping our customers transform and adopt to the new digital age, and integrate new and disruptive innovations into their business. He is focused on driving the expansion and delivery of digital transformation and helping companies to get a grasp on future technologies like IoT, AI, Big data and Blockchain. He also focuses on how new innovations, disruptive technologies, and new platforms like Uber, impact the current businesses.