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Employee spotlight: Alana Morrissey and Michael Nemeth

Alana-MorrisseyAlana Morrissey You have worked in many parts of Capgemini, both in the U.S. and abroad. Tell us about your career journey with Capgemini.
I’ve been with Cap since the summer of 2007, when I joined North America as a college hire. I had some cool experiences in North America working with commercial clients in Kansas City, Boston, and Toronto, mostly doing BA and PMO support for SAP implementations. By 2009, the project opportunities in the commercial space were much smaller due to the financial crisis, so I looked to move into the Federal space. I was already living in D.C. and knew of other colleagues with good experiences working in CGS. I transferred to CGS at the beginning of 2010 and spent three and a half years working at the Department of Homeland Security account, implementing and supporting a custom ERP tool. In 2013, I then coordinated with the CEO of CGS at the time to transfer to Capgemini Australia, following a passion of mine to work abroad. From 2013 to 2017 I worked for Capgemini Australia for their SAP capability, supporting a large greenfield SAP implementation. In 2017, I returned to America and to CGS and since then have been leading the General Services Administration account.

How did your experience working in the Australian market influence your work when you returned stateside?
Fortunately, the language of IT is the same almost anywhere in the world. Each experience has different pros and cons, but it also makes you resilient and innovative. Working with Capgemini North America as well as abroad gave me confidence to take on big work and know that I can lead successful delivery. I’ve found success on my projects through developing connections with the people on my teams and making sure we have the right people in the right roles. That stays the same no matter what country you’re working in or what company you are supporting.

What do you think makes CGS special within the Capgemini umbrella?
One of the exciting parts of CGS is the ability of every resource to have an impact and get involved in so many different aspects of our business. We not only have integral delivery roles on our projects, but also constant involvement in business development, recruiting, and the management of our committees and policies and programs. There are so many areas we are continually growing and maturing, and there’s never a dull day!

Michael Nemeth
Why did you choose to join Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS)?
I originally joined CGS in 2016 after learning about the business from a friend who described the numerous and various types of opportunities available to consultants. My friend told me that for an early stage professional, it was a great place to learn and grow your skillset and career. I’ve found his original insight to be accurate, as that’s very much been the case across my time with the company. What is your role and how has your role evolved while at Capgemini?
My path has been a bit of a unique one. From 2016 to 2018 with CGS, I was delivering a wide variety of digital transformation and business intelligence/analytics work at one of our Department of Homeland Security (DHS) clients. I was able to grow within that account,

earning a promotion and expanding the scope of my responsibilities, while building client relationships across the organization. Due to personal circumstances, I relocated to Philadelphia, and transferred into Capgemini North America, Digital Customer Experience. Given my background in government and with business transformation, I became engaged with our commercial Aerospace & Defense clients, learning new technologies and bringing a fresh perspective to complex business process and technology architecture challenges. In early 2021, I rejoined CGS to take up a market leadership and account growth role within the Department of Defense (DoD) and classified commercial aerospace areas of our business.

What sets CGS apart from other places you have worked?
For me, CGS is set apart by two things. First, the strength of executive leadership and the quality of their vision. They are a consistent source of inspiration to the wider team, have an ambitious but attainable medium- to long-term vision for the organization, and are extremely accessible as a sounding board to all levels of consultants within the organization. Second, the quality of the team members throughout the organization is top notch. It’s an entrepreneurial group that is willing to go the extra mile to invest in themselves, learn new skills, maintain high quality of delivery standards, and take on new initiatives, internally or with a client, that push their own boundaries. It’s a fun group as well, and after the COVID-19 pandemic is mitigated to a safe level, I’m looking forward to seeing all my teammates in person once again.

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