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Digital Mining To Remote Surgeries: Enterprise 5G Opportunities Start Now


Manufacturing companies have a big appetite for 5G.

That was the top-line takeaway from a 2019 survey conducted by Capgemini Research Institute, which explored how next-gen networks will benefit industrial operations.

After surveying around 800 manufacturing and “asset-intensive” companies across the world, researchers found that 75% of respondents believe 5G will unlock their digital transformation within five years. In terms of importance, 5G ranked second only to cloud (at 84%) among nine key technology and innovation enablers. What’s more, these companies are willing to pay a premium to get it.

“We concur that the long-term impact of 5G is huge,” says Karl Bjurstrom, EVP of Capgemini Invent. “We think there’s money to be made now.”

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