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Capgemini Launches ITSMF Leadership Development Program


Capgemini has cultivated a longstanding relationship between the African and African American Employee Resource Group (A³ ERG) and the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) non-profit organization over the past three years. ITSMF is focused on the development of executive and C-level Black professionals within the Information Technology industry.

Our partnership created opportunities for employees to participate in leadership programs, symposiums and networking events to further develop their careers. Due to the success of these external programs and events, Capgemini launched their very own ITSMF Leadership Development Program. In partnership with ITSMF we designed a custom curriculum giving more participants the chance for professional development.

Capgemini’s North America Corporate Responsibility Director, Janet Pope, shed light on the importance of creating the ITSMF Leadership Development Program, “I work with a non-profit that always says ‘what’s good for women is good for everyone,’ and I believe it.  We started the ITSMF leadership program 100% due to the successes that we’ve had over the last 12 years with our Women’s Leadership Development Program.  It was important to me to leverage a best practice that was supporting one diverse population with development, retention, and visibility to leadership to enable another underrepresented community.  This is only one small step in building the diversity of our leadership pipeline at Capgemini in North America… one small and critical step to help continue to break down organizational ceilings.”

The ITSMF Leadership Development Program is structured as an in-person, instructor-led course offered over two days in conjunction with our Talent Acceleration Week, a week-long learning and development workshop with various courses that draws over 500 participants. Facilitators were comprised of leaders with over 20 years of business experience and helped guide participants throughout their learning journey, with an emphasis on evaluating the present and preparing for the future- all through the unique cultural perspective of each member of the program. A “Learn-Apply-Reflect” approach was followed to create a safe space for participants to increase their knowledge and test newfound skills. Following the program, participants are encouraged to continue their growth through ongoing check-ins with their class cohort.

Participants quickly recognized the value of such an offering and were able to expand their network of peers within leadership positions while navigating their own career development. Jerome Johnson, a participant of the program and one of the national leaders of the A³ ERG, shared, “The ITSMF Leadership Program was a unique experience. It allowed me the ability to engage with other minority leaders, to focus on professional development, and to accelerate my career advancement within Capgemini.”

The ITSMF Leadership Development Program provides a new opportunity for Capgemini to invest in our African and African American employees with programs geared towards them. Participants gain an increased support network, a stronger understanding of themselves as a coworker and leader, and tactful skills to help promote future success in their career advancement. The results are powerful: building stronger, more confident, and more visible leaders.

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