De Nora Group implements SAP S/4HANA at US headquarters

In collaboration with Capgemini, De Nora began its global launch of the SAP S/4HANA ERP platform with an implementation at its US headquarters to set the foundation for future innovation

Client: De Nora Group

Region: Italy/North America

Sector: Manufacturing & Industrial Products

Client challenge: The De Nora group wanted to begin a global transformation by establishing a digital foundation and chose to identify a new ERP platform as its first step

Solution: Partnering with Capgemini, De Nora introduced the SAP S/4HANA platform at its US headquarters


  • Standardization of accounting processes
  • Greater capacity for innovation with inter-functional multilevel reporting models
  • Expansion of mobile access to essential information
  • Consolidation of infrastructure security

De Nora is a global supplier of sustainable technologies and preferred partner for the most important industrial electrochemical processes and has been offering water treatment solutions since 1923. Driven by a philosophy based on continuous improvement, De Nora markets highly innovative electrodes, electrochemical systems, and the most advanced filtration and disinfection technologies to solve issues related to the public water/ municipal, marine, industrial wastewater’s treatment.

This kind of work demands a constant push for innovation and excellence, a theme that has lived at the heart of De Nora’s business model for nearly 100 years. As part of this effort, the company decided to update its ERP platform by introducing SAP S/4HANA. Launching this effort with its United States subsidiary, De Nora Water Technologies US, the company planned to integrate and standardize accounting processes across the Group, prepare a solid foundation for even further future innovation, provide access to critical information through mobile devices, and consolidate its infrastructure security. To accomplish all of this, De Nora decided to partner with Capgemini as its implementation partner for the duration of the project.

Following the launch of the implementation, the COVID-19 global pandemic created a substantial hurdle for the partners to overcome. By rapidly transitioning to a fully remote working model, De Nora and Capgemini managed to continue their collaborative progress without significant delays even as the manner in which they operated and communicated had radically changed.

With the rollout of the SAP S/4HANA platform in the United States, De Nora is now poised to introduce the platform on a global scale. This transformation process will soon reach Group locations in Italy, China, Abu Dhabi, and the United Kingdom. This has laid the groundwork for De Nora to pursue further innovations such as inter-functional and multilevel reporting models. By managing to modernize its infrastructure, De Nora has once again displayed its leadership and commitment to an identity built upon innovation.

For more on this story, read the case study, and watch the associated client story video or SAP’s Snapfact video.

Featured Testimonials

Gerardo Ciccone, MALS Director, Capgemini in Italy

A success confirming our ability to carry out projects of international scope and where the adaptation and collaboration spirit of the whole team, including the client, has been key. This achievement is a powerful encouragement sign when it is necessary to carry out projects under different conditions and still being able to ensure business continuity.

Carlo Paschetto, CIO of Industrie De Nora

For De Nora it was strategic to remain within the roadmap defined more than a year ago for the completion of SAP’s implementation at Group level, despite the challenging and extraordinary global situation, in order to consolidate the integration between the Group’s companies and to support the technological updating in sustain the business. Remaining focused on objectives was crucial in order not to leave room for the margins of uncertainty that activities reprogramming would have entailed in the current context, with repercussions on the planning of the corporate resources hired on the project. The transformation path undertaken, supported by an architecture entirely based on the new SAP Intelligence business suite, responds to the need to increasingly promote synergies within the Group, adopt common models and share information flows quickly and reliably.

Adriano Ceccherini, SAP Italy’s SME Market Director

This implementation, made in a completely remote way and made possible thanks to the proven expertise of our partner Capgemini and the full collaboration of the De Nora Group, is a sign of hope and encouragement during a time of deep global uncertainty in which it is necessary to ensure business continuity by carrying out projects under unprecedented conditions.

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