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“Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but to work as a team brings out the best in people.”

Capgemini Canada invited employees to apply for a team spot in the inaugural Capgemini International Rugby Cup (IRC) in fall 2023. A country-wide vote selected the eight employees who would join nine other teams consisting of 14 nationalities in Paris to compete in a friendly rugby match.

My rugby journey

How I got involved in Capgemini’s Rugby Cup

I’ve been going to the HSBC Rugby Sevens series in Vancouver for the past three years. I’m an active person, and I’ve played competitive sports from a young age, including some rugby. So I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to get to know the staff and teams across the globe. And it was!

My most memorable moment from the trip

At one point I had some down time and decided to go to the pool. I thought I would be the only person there. But then Capgemini’s French team came. And the Canadian team came. And it was great to be able to relax and be social with them. I also met some of the athletes from the Women in Rugby leadership program on site, and hearing their experiences is something I will always remember.

Rugby Canada

Canada’s rugby team ready to take the field. L-R: Ryan La Marche, Guillaume Gilliard, Cyril Saint-Amans, Mayand Tiwari, Fady Youwakim, Michelle Nifco, Catherine Audia. Missing from the photo: Sindhu Raj.

My Capgemini journey

My role at Capgemini Canada

I joined Capgemini in 2022 and was hired to create middleware integration solutions for my client. We operate on a global delivery model, with work done here and in India, and then I test it with the client.

Outside of my client work, I also get involved in some sales proposal work. I hadn’t had that experience prior to joining Capgemini, and I wanted to get involved in helping to grow the practice. I also try to participate in any Capgemini social events that come through Vancouver.

The Capgemini values I relate to the most

Team spirit is the value I relate to the most. You can accomplish so much more when you have that as a guiding principle. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but to work as a team brings out the best in people.

The best thing about working at Capgemini Canada

I came from a large technology company and the big difference is that it feels more inclusive here. There is always someone in your corner to lead you through the next steps if you want to pursue an opportunity. And everyone wants to find time to get to know each other.

My advice to new team members

Go to group or team events. That’s where you’re going to meet people and connect beyond virtual meetings. That’s where you see your chance to grow.

Why I’m proud to work at Capgemini Canada

I’m proud to be part of a global team that can offer solutions to grow businesses globally. Add to that the fact that everyone is treated equally and with respect. Everyone gets their credit when credit is due. We’re all one team and we all work together to represent Capgemini as a company. We’re always the cream of the crop when it comes to the work we deliver, and that makes me proud.

How I’m working toward getting the future I want

The future I want is to be in more of a consultant role and to win business with new clients. I’m not very competent in that skill yet but the opportunity is there to work on it.