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“Being able to work with Canadian clients who are market leaders is an incredibly valuable experience that I don’t take for granted.”

Capgemini Canada invited employees to apply for a team spot in the inaugural Capgemini International Rugby Cup (IRC) in fall 2023. A country-wide vote selected the eight employees who would join nine other teams consisting of 14 nationalities in Paris to compete in a friendly rugby match.

My rugby journey

Why I got involved in Capgemini’s Rugby Cup

There was a cool opportunity to volunteer with the HSBC Rugby Sevens Series in Vancouver. I thought it would be a unique chance to meet other Vancouver employees, even though I had no knowledge of rugby. I was so excited that the rugby experience was continuing with the opportunity to go to Paris. In high school, I dove into any sport that was available to me, even if I had zero knowledge about it. Having had that courage to try a new sport helped in this environment.

What it was like representing Canada at this tournament

It was so exhilarating. We won our first game, which was very impressive for a team that had never practiced together. For me scoring a “try” was exciting too – I ran half the pitch to get to the goal!

My most memorable moment from the Rugby Cup

It was definitely the first evening – going on a riverboat cruise, having a Michelin Star meal, and hearing from our CEO, Aiman Ezzat, who inspired us regarding rugby and the strong place it holds in Capgemini’s spirit. To be on the Seine River and see the Eiffel Tower was such a Parisian experience.

Rugby Canada

Canada’s rugby team ready to take the field. L-R: Ryan La Marche, Guillaume Gilliard, Cyril Saint-Amans, Mayand Tiwari, Fady Youwakim, Michelle Nifco, Catherine Audia. Missing from the photo: Sindhu Raj.

My Capgemini journey

My role at Capgemini

Since I joined Capgemini as a campus hire in Vancouver, I’ve worked on a strategic delivery project for a large mining company. My role has involved supporting the team through the implementation of key data-governance strategies, frameworks, and policies. I helped set the client up with good data-governance practices by understanding their objectives and gaps, and helped them reach their goals in effective and meaningful ways along their data-driven journey.

How Capgemini has empowered me to master my skills

Capgemini does an amazing job at providing tools, resources, mentors, and access to the platforms necessary to grow professional skills. They encourage us regularly to partake in courses. It’s also comforting to know that when we come up against a challenge we may not have encountered before, we can reach out to experts in the company and get the advice we need to succeed.

Other activities I’m involved in

With my background in environmental sustainability, I sought out a connection with other people who share a passion for making a positive impact – both within Capgemini and outside of it. I got involved in the OCEAN ERG (Organized Carbon and Environmental Action Network), and having that community has been really important.

My advice to new team members

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Everyone has been welcoming, and willing to help. Everyone is here to grow and learn from one another. Trust those around you and we will all drive forward together.

How I’m working toward getting the future I want

I’ve been able to map out the short-term goals that will help me reach my long-term goals. Together with my people manager and team, I’m continuously reviewing my progress.

The best thing about working at Capgemini

The people are the best thing. It’s a really wide-ranging and far-reaching network. Being able to work with Canadian clients who are market leaders is an incredibly valuable experience that I don’t take for granted. It’s so amazing to see such a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone is supported to succeed.