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Senior Account Manager


Experienced professionals

Sales, Account Management, and Solutions Design

“You can step into new roles here. You’re never stuck in a box.”

The best thing about my job

I’m able to get involved in learning new things and have different industry-related discussions. For example, sustainability projects such as electric vehicles are a big topic with our clients right now, and we get to help them with that strategy. Who would have thought utilities could be so interesting?

Why I’m proud to work here

We have so much industry knowledge and a wide breadth of skills. The capabilities we have allow us to pull together big solutions, and truly partner with our clients along their strategic journeys.

What attracted me to Capgemini

There’s opportunity for autonomy. You can think outside the box and be entrepreneurial, and you’re empowered to make decisions. I’ve been able to engage with our Indigenous partners and lead our registration and PAR certification with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB).

A memorable moment

We held a joint leadership series with leaders from Capgemini and our client on creating a collaborative culture. We learned how to “Unlock the Power of Group Genius.” It went over very well and strengthened our partnership with our client.

My advice on joining Capgemini

Be flexible, open, and willing to learn. Our culture is about upskilling. Know that you’re going to have many opportunities to grow.