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Senior Business Analyst


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Business analysis

“I want to be working on projects that solve real-world issues.”

What I love most about working here

It’s waking up knowing what’s coming but not being exactly sure how it’s going to happen. There’s a collective goal for our team, but it’s up to us to figure out how to get there. I love the collective vision.

My Capgemini journey

When I started here as a senior business analyst, every day was completely different. I was working on proposals, or visiting clients, or doing client-delivery work. As my role progressed, my days became more consistent. Now, a big part of my role is understanding where the utilities industry is heading.

How Capgemini empowers me to master my skills

Across the board – from tech skills to soft skills – I’m always developing myself. There are opportunities to take programs or courses internally through our learning ecosystem or externally. The people here are willing to challenge you and keep you growing.

Why I’m proud to work here

We respect boundaries: work is work and enjoyment is enjoyment. I’ve been in sales environments where it’s all about the numbers. What I see on a daily basis is that yes, we have our numbers, but people enjoy being here and want to achieve together.

The Capgemini value I relate to the most

Honesty – because it simplifies any conversation. You can sit in front of a senior executive and tell them your point of view knowing they’ll respect you for speaking up.

My advice on joining Capgemini

Network as much as possible. It’s cliche, but Capgemini employees are approachable. Networking allows you to learn from others’ experiences and opens up opportunities.