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“The opportunity to network with colleagues who come from all over the world is an invaluable experience.”

Capgemini Canada invited employees to apply for a team spot in the inaugural Capgemini International Rugby Cup (IRC) in fall 2023. A country-wide vote selected the eight employees who would join nine other teams consisting of 14 nationalities in Paris to compete in a friendly rugby match.

My rugby journey

What was your most memorable moment from the International rugby cup?

It was the actual tournament itself. In the days leading up it, I had no idea what to expect, since I had never actually played rugby or tag rugby before. Being in that environment and competing with my colleagues was great, on top of wearing my country’s colours and feeling the pride of representing Capgemini Canada. It was surreal! This was the first time I represented my country in any capacity and I don’t think I fully expected just how great and prideful it would feel. It made me want to compete harder but also be a proper representative of my country

I also love competing and playing sports so I really enjoyed that component of the tournament. It was nice seeing a different side of my colleagues through competition.

What would you say to the people who did not apply for this opportunity?

I would encourage them to apply the next time around, because this experience was much more than just playing rugby. Being able to experience what Capgemini is like on a global stage was amazing, and the opportunity to network with colleagues who come from all over the world is an invaluable experience, not just professionally but personally.

Rugby Canada

Canada’s rugby team ready to take the field. L-R: Ryan La Marche, Guillaume Gilliard, Cyril Saint-Amans, Mayand Tiwari, Fady Youwakim, Michelle Nifco, Catherine Audia. Missing from the photo: Sindhu Raj.

My Capgemini journey

What I am passionate about at Capgemini

I am the Staffing Partner for one of our practices in Canada. This means that I am a point of contact for our accounts and leaders when they’re looking to fill a need for a client, but also for our people internally who are transitioning from one project to another, maybe even looking for their next opportunity. I love being in this position because I feel like my knowledge helps a lot of people with their day-to-day tasks.

My advice on joining Capgemini

I would recycle some advice I was given that has taken me a long way. When you first join a company, you typically don’t want to act out of character. You’re trying to impress by showing that you can listen and implement. But a lot of people hesitate to share their ideas. The advice? Don’t hesitate. Share your ideas.

My perception of Capgemini now, compared to when I started

When a recruiter reached out to me about the role at Capgemini, I had never heard of it. I was worried I would regret the move, but I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve never experienced this level of trust. It really is like a startup in terms of the excitement people have. It’s a fantastic place to start your career.

A special Capgemini memory

I attended one of our Leadership Programs, which was a five-day internship and case competition used as a long interview with potential new hires. It was a great opportunity to introduce myself and showcase what I can do.

Why I am proud to work at Capgemini

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a company makes me proud to represent Capgemini.