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Canada Campus Recruiting Lead


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“One of the reasons I took this role is because Capgemini invests in equity and diversity.”

What I am passionate about

As the face of Campus Recruiting for Capgemini Canada, I oversee campus hiring for all practices and accounts. A big part of my role has also been building the campus recruiting program. What gets me excited is that I love campuses. I loved my time at university and everything about it – it’s such a transformational time in life. Now I get to guide students through the transition.

My advice on joining Capgemini

I would recycle some advice I was given that has taken me a long way. When you first join a company, you typically don’t want to act out of character. You’re trying to impress by showing that you can listen and implement. But a lot of people hesitate to share their ideas. The advice? Don’t hesitate. Share your ideas.

My perception of Capgemini now, compared to when I started

When a recruiter reached out to me about the role at Capgemini, I had never heard of it. I was worried I would regret the move, but I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve never experienced this level of trust. It really is like a startup in terms of the excitement people have. It’s a fantastic place to start your career.

A special Capgemini memory

When I attended one of our Leadership Programs, which was a five-day internship and case competition used as a long interview with potential new hires. It was a great opportunity to  introduce myself and showcase what I can do.

Reasons I am proud to work at Capgemini

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a company. That makes me proud to represent Capgemini when I go out and talk to students.