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Business analysis

“There’s nothing better than working alongside smart, passionate, and motivated people who are welcoming and willing to be mentors.”

My favourite things about Capgemini

So far, it’s been the people. Capgemini Canada is a global company, but at its core it feels like a startup. Everyone is excited to be there and cares about their work and each other.

Capgemini is very flexible and I think that makes employees feel comfortable enough to take control of their work future. For example, I’m trying to map out my five-year plan and my manager, who’s been a great mentor to me, told me “You’re the person who’s mapping out your future, so you’re making those decisions.” They’re really focused on giving people the power to turn their career into what they want.

My life at Capgemini

I started as a campus hire – I had just graduated with a business degree – and I didn’t know what my specific role would be. Now I’m working as a project manager with one of our clients and it’s been a great experience. The best part about the role is that there’s something different to work on every day – from sales-oriented materials or analysis decks to making sure engagement statuses are up to date.

A special Capgemini memory

In the Calgary office, we always have fun Wednesday lunches. A lot of the leadership team comes in on Wednesday, we order a bunch of food, and we all sit down family style. It’s good to catch up with people in person!

I also volunteered with a group of campus hires preparing for the Collision Conference this past year. It was a cool opportunity to attend the conference in Toronto, and leading up to it I helped put together presentation decks and other marketing materials. I haven’t done much travelling for work and it was fun to visit the Toronto office to meet everyone there.

Reasons I am proud to work at Capgemini

I’m proud that sustainability is a core aspect of Capgemini’s work – both internally and in our work to help clients achieve their net-zero goals. It’s integrated into everything we do.

My advice to fellow campus hires on joining Capgemini

My main piece of advice is to be open to everything. Capgemini is such a big company with many different service lines and types of roles, and if you can stay open to opportunities that come your way, you’ll be well positioned to get the future you want.

How I am getting the future I want

Since I started here, I’ve grown so much – professional and personally. Capgemini has a lot of resources on hand and it’s up to you how much you want to invest in and grow yourself. I’ve been working on my engagement-manager certification, which walks through what you need to know about different components of client management. Eventually I want to work on projects that are impactful from a sustainability perspective. I also hope that I can be a leader one day.