Delivering leading investigation solutions faster and cheaper

With millions of transactions a day, banks can spend a significant amount of time investigating the small percentage that might be fraudulent or need repair. On average, 2-5% of transactions lead to an inquiry—and each of these possibly fraudulent transactions require 50 times longer to investigate than to process. Fraud issues impact both the bank and regulators. As fraudsters become increasingly sophisticated, identifying and resolving cases of fraud and money laundering becomes increasingly difficult and costly. Most banks find that disparate suspicious activity monitoring and fraud detection systems generate a high volume of exceptions which result in manual intervention.

Ultimately, a bank needs fully auditable processes which are timely, automated when possible and cost effective while minimizing the risk—and penalties—of violating frequently changing regulatory requirements. Learn how Capgemini can help with innovative solutions like our Accelerated Solutions Environment workshops and SmartPaaS™ Platform-as-a-Service from Pegasystems.