Lalit Khandelwal

Expert em IT/BPO and Consulting space

I am able to apply global perspective to IT/business strategies for large conglomerates. Able to address client's business problems by leveraging Capgemini's global capabilities. I have been advising clients on how to structure large shared services, transformational projects, M&A, Digitization, Cloud, IOT etc

Lalit Khandelwal

Minha experiência

Executive Vice President, BU Head @ Capgemini


Senior Vice President - Head, GE Business Unit @ Capgemini


SVP, Head, GE Business Unit and Energy & Utilities Business Unit @ Information Technology and Services

03/11/1998 to 12/08/2015

Sales Manager @ Information Technology and Services

09/04/1995 to 01/12/1998

Sales Manager @ Computer Software

10/11/1993 to 09/12/1995