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Bill Thomas

Expert em Human Capital Management

I build and support high-performance strategic partner programs in in the technology software and services sector. I provide strategic relationship management and governance, leveraging influence and relationship-building skills to support the achievement of revenue growth and customer satisfaction goals.

Bill Thomas

Minha experiência

Human Capital Management SaaS Alliances @ Capgemini


Alliances Director @ Information Technology and Services

05/06/2014 to 07/12/2016

Director, Strategic Alliances @ Computer Software

01/11/2011 to 04/27/2014

Director, Outsourcing & On-Demand GTM @ Computer Software

07/13/2005 to 12/08/2010

Director, Business Development, Comprehensive Outsourcing Services @ Human Resources

10/08/2002 to 07/12/2005

Director, Strategic Planning & Initiatives @ Human Resources

10/11/2000 to 09/10/2002

Director, Sales Support @ Human Resources

10/06/1999 to 09/12/2000