The World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO) is our annual thought leadership and research report that tracks the development and transformation of electricity and gas markets in Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, India and China. Now in its 21st year, WEMO, backed by extensive data, examines six main indicators: climate change & regulatory policies; energy transition; infrastructure & adequacy of supply; supply & final customer; transformation; and financials.

This year’s WEMO report explores in greater detail:

  • How geopolitical tensions and energy matters are interrelated, and which ones will affect utilities the most
  • What major technology and digital disruptions will impact the industry before 2040
  • How Europe is leading the energy transition and the challenges they face in their 2030 objectives
  • How China is a dominant energy player and how it is going to affect the Energy and Utilities industry in 2020

Register for this year’s report to see how these issues present new ideas for how utilities, policymakers and private companies can embrace a long-term strategy that balances growth and change—and draws opportunity from crisis.

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