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Digital Insurance Operations

Transform insurance processes across property and casualty (P&C) and life and health (L&H) insurance, by implementing a portfolio of platform-based, customer-centric offerings that reduce cost, increase efficiency – and boost customer satisfaction.

Our Digital Insurance Operations portfolio provides frictionless, end-to-end, customer-centric insurance services that transform your core processes and support functions.

To achieve this, we make use of intelligent automation, cognitive document processing, and smart analytics to deliver touchless endorsements, submissions, and claims solutions, as well as third-party administration (TPA) services.

Benefits can include 98% auto adjudication rates in claims processing; fully automated processes for document retrieval, a 30% improvement in turnaround time for policyholder services, and a 50% increase in provider satisfaction.

Inventive Insurer

We believe that carriers need to embrace and adopt the capabilities of the Inventive Insurer to be successful in a dynamic environment

What we do

Seamless, digital convenience across the entire P&C claims value chain.

Our Touchless Claims for P&C Insurance solution is an agile, data-driven, customer-centric function that delivers improved customer experience, operational efficiency, and accuracy.

Using intelligent automation, AI, and a rich ecosystem of partners, underpinned by data insights, it creates a personalized, intuitive, and touchless digital experience; it enables you to collaborate with your ecosystem partners to co-create innovative solutions that add agility and efficiency; and it improves cycle times across the entire P&C insurance value chain.

Benefits include up to 4% improvements in loss ratios; a 30–40% decrease in loss adjustment expenses; and a 10% reduction in claim intake costs.

Implement a smart, frictionless experience across your entire P&C endorsements value chain.

Capgemini’s Touchless Endorsements for P&C Insurance solution delivers improved customer experience, operational efficiency, and speed-to-market across your entire endorsements value chain.

Our offer takes advantage of intelligent automation and artificial intelligence – including Endorsement GenieTM, an AI-based cognitive processing tool – to help create a personalized, intuitive, and touchless digital experience around your policy endorsements. It improves the accuracy and turnaround time across your entire property and casualty value chain. And it adds agility and efficiency to your endorsements management, with human-in-the-loop bots.

Benefits include 50–60% increases in processing efficiency; an enhanced customer experience; and increased accuracy, turnaround time, and scalability.

Drive frictionless, AI-augmented insurance automation.

Capgemini’s portfolio of AI-enabled, data-driven assets and accelerators can help you transform your core insurance operations, as well as support functions such as finance, HR, and procurement, while enhancing customer satisfaction, improving operational efficiency, and reducing cost.
Our platform-based solutions provide end-to-end, customer-centric operations tailored to the specific requirements of your insurance company, delivering frictionless claims, endorsements, and submissions processing.

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