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Application modernization with AWS

Applications are at the core of digital business. They allow organizations to deliver groundbreaking customer experiences, harness the power of breakthrough technologies, and innovate at speed.

To truly take advantage of applications, companies need to ensure that they are cloud-ready and support continuous delivery. Doing so requires an application modernization strategy. That’s where we can help.

Modern architectures with AWS

Capgemini works with organizations to modernize by refactoring, rearchitecting, or replacing core applications, in line with their digital objectives.

Modernized applications built or run on AWS enable greater operational efficiency, increased scalability, improved performance, and reduced costs.

In addition, when leveraging the AWS serverless platform, organizations have access to a set of fully managed services for building and running applications and services without needing to think about servers or infrastructure management.

Delivering apps at the pace of innovation

Capgemini and AWS have worked with organizations of all types to modernize their applications and make digital business a reality.

Capgemini leverages its industry-leading accelerators, including eAPM, a highly visual application assessment tool, and Digital Cloud Platform, a set of blueprints and pre-built components that accelerate cloud development and deployment.

Together, we helped Corteva, for example, reduce genome processing times from 30 days to one day.