World Quality Report 2019-20: The Nordic Region

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The Nordic region is highly business-driven—and it’s addressing substantial QA and test challenges

Taken together, the Nordic countries that feature in this survey – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland – form the second-largest group of respondents, after those from the US. They are drawn from right across the spectrum of sectors, with more than half representing the public sector; financial services; consumer products, retail, and distribution (CPRD); and telecoms, media, and entertainment (TME).

In the last two years, we have seen agile and DevOps models emerge as a growing trend across the region, and we expect the momentum to continue for the next three years. Download your copy of the Nordic Region pull out of the World Quality Report 2019-20 to learn more about the QA and testing developments in the region.

WQR 2019-20 Nordic Region

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