World Quality Report 2019-20: North America

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Testing and QA developments in North America are far advanced – and the region’s trail-blazing expectations are high

The North American region, which comprises the US and Canada, constitutes the single largest geographical sample in our survey, but of course, that is not its only claim to significance. This is part of the world that is also important not just in economic terms, but because of its leading role in technological development, which means it’s worth setting the current scene before we look more closely at our findings this year.

This is a market that, as we might expect, is fairly mature in terms of its plans for and adoption of emerging techniques and processes. Agile and DevOps methodologies are taking off, and organizations increasingly see testing as an integral part of development, both in-house and as part of a third-party service offering. As part of this holistic mind-set, they expect teams to be more rounded – to have not just technical skills, but analytical strengths too – and there is some shift-left activity too, especially in an agile context.

Download your copy of the North America pull out of the World Quality Report 2019-20 to learn more about QA and testing developments in the region.

WQR 2019-20 North America

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