World Quality Report 20-21: Japan

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In Japan, the commitment to quality is instinctive.

In the World Quality Report, both this year and last year, we have noted that much of the rest of the world is subsuming quality assurance (QA) into the mainstream of the software development lifecycle. That’s not going to happen in Japan: the notion of quality is too important for it to lose its own identity.

The esteem in which quality is held in Japan is evident with respect to its testing and QA objectives. An enormous 93% of respondents said it was essential to ensure end-user satisfaction, while 83% said it was vital to protect corporate image and branding. General expectations of quality are indeed extremely high in Japan. For IT strategy overall, enhancing customer experience was once more ranked very highly. Other notable drivers included cost optimization, and faster time to market. Taken together, these three criteria constitute the standard QCT (quality-cost-time) tradeoff – but in Japan, the center of gravity will always shift towards quality.

Download your copy of the Japan  pull out of the World Quality Report 2020-21 to learn more about the QA and Testing trends shaping up in the region.

WQR 2020-21 Japan

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