Corporate Responsibility

Our Strategy

Our approach to business is to provide top-down leadership and strategic vision, and to ensure we create the right environment for our people to be able to individually apply their creativity, experience and expertise to developing innovative and effective solutions for their areas of influence.

Our approach to CR & Sustainability is exactly the same; strategic vision and leadership combined with individual commitment and passion. We believe it is important to ensure that all audiences and activities are properly aligned and considered and to ensure that activity is anchored in a proper framework and program for implementation.

Six Strategic Pillars

Our strategy has been developed around Six Strategic Pillars that underpin all aspects of our business.

Each Strategic Pillar has its own strategic goals and plans. Under each pillar, we have identified the key areas that are material to our business, areas in which Capgemini has an impact and that are important to our stakeholders. We have set objectives for each pillar in order to improve our internal reporting processes and monitor our performance. Continuing to ensure a positive impact delivering on these pillars is our main objective.

We are keen to ensure that CR & Sustainability performance delivers the same high standards and commitment to our values across all areas of our activity and ensure the further sustainability of our business.


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