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February 15, 2024 | Fundação Oriente, Lisbon

Localization: Fundação Oriente
Region: Lisbon
Sector: Digital Transformation

Boost your business’s digital transformation

Embark on a transformative journey for your business with Capgemini at ServiceNow Summit on February, 15th. Discover today’s solutions and how to connect data and organizational silos. Join us as we introduce you to Capgemini as a ServiceNow Hub from Portugal to the world. Come and find out how we can help accelerate the transformation of your business through a customized solution for automating and optimizing processes across your organization using a single tool.

How can we transform your business?

If you have a business challenge, we have the solution with ServiceNow. Working as a one stop shop solution ServiceNow will transform your business and bring the solution that you need. Knowing more of our use cases.

ServiceNow expertise | Health Sector

Migration of previous implementation, which was a custom application within ServiceNow, to the SPM ServiceNow product.
Creation of forms and accesses to address customer needs, integration of the request process into the Employee Service Centre.

Implementation SPM OOB application to unify processes across the organization and train all process stakeholders. 
Data Segregation through roles to manage privileges for the management of the processes, also creating the right channels for record creation.
Inclusion of approval levels to robust the demand processes.

Enhanced project team productivity, customer satisfaction and user experience.
Centralize all demands, facilitating the selection process for projects.
Improve project manager efficiency by using the workbench allowing a strong visualization of the risk, value, and size optimizing decision making.

ServiceNow expertise | Manufacturing Sector

High number of large-scale demands, projects and developments that are not consolidated in a system. 
Information not accessible and faulty for those responsible.

Implementation SPM OOB application to unify processes across the organization and train all process stakeholders. 
Consolidate information on the ServiceNow platform (source of truth). 
Creation of reports and dashboards to share information.

Align all work from intake passing through strategic planning, continuous planning, and enterprise backlog to maximize outcomes and minimize budget overage. 
Decommission legacy SPM systems spend.
Evaluate financials and capacity using scenarios leveraging the platform using workspace and dashboards across all processes (Demand, Portfolio and Program) saving time for the organization.

ServiceNow expertise | Financial Sector

Transforming the user experience into a captivating challenge.
Identify inefficiencies and simplify the processes for both users and staff.

Restructure the service catalog, streamlining the product and service offerings to enhance accessibility and ease of use.
Better SLAs definitions with current standards and expectations, guaranteeing that service commitments remained relevant and attainable.
Improve KPIs to measure and assess team performance and provide a clearer understanding of success metrics.

Enhanced customer satisfaction and communication between service providers and users.
Robust reporting and real-time analysis.
Improved platform reliability, performance, and security.


Get to know our team

  • 70 members in Capgemini Portugal ServiceNow team
  • 60 ServiceNow certifications
  • 186 ServiceNow micro certifications
  • 120 complementary certifications

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