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The future of your industry is intelligent

Hannover Messe 23: the world´s biggest industrial show

This year, Hannover Messe 2023 amplified and accelerated the best of industry innovation and success stories, from engineering, manufacturing, supply networks, logistics, 5G, automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital twins, metaverse, and hydrogen fuel cells to name a few.

We led the way at our booth by hosting 50+ on stand presentations from our clients, partners, and experts.

In parallel to our onstage experts, we created a digital and physical walk through to demonstrate the end-to-end value stream transformation.  From exploring the Industrial Metaverse to Intelligent Products and Services, Software Driven Transformation, Smart Plant (IT-OT), and Intelligent Supply Chain – all powered by Digital Continuity and Insights for Intelligent Industry

In effort to keep the momentum up and to provide an opportunity for others to experience all the great presentations, below we invite you to our After the Fair Experience.

Take a spin through our demos or select from a list of all presentations each day from our clients, partners, and experts.

Tour the Intelligent Industry demo station: (coming soon)

Enjoy our presentations straight from the Intelligent Industry stage

Disruptive Apps for Industry powered by Mendix
Daan van Campen Mendix | Thomas Zynda Capgemini

Connected Concession
Jean-Loup Loyer Eramet | Hugo Cascarigny Capgemini

Virtualization as key element for software driven transformation
Steffen Krause Capgemini 

Hydrogen – There is no sustainable future without hydrogen
Dr.- Ing. Ulrike Beyer Fraunhofer IWU | Andreas Kötter Capgemini

Why B2B platforms struggle to emulate the success of their B2C Counterparts
Geoffrey Parker Dartmouth College & MIT | Leonardo Serra Capgemini

AVEVA Sustainability study
Rob McGreevy AVEVA | Nicolas Clinckx Capgemini

Power of Data Driven Engineering for Autonomous Driving
Dr Hans Peter Steiert Mercedes Benz | Ralf Blessmann Capgemini

How to master battery cell production with modular and open manufacturing platforms
Heiko Schwindt Bosch | Michael Müller Capgemini | Jochen Bechtold Capgemini

Integrating intelligence in machines – our collaborative end-2-end approach
Felix Friedmann NVIDIA | Ralf Nikolaus Capgemini | Peter Fintl Capgemini

Industrial connectivity – 5G role, status and what is next
Andreas Möller Bosch |  Tammo Schwindt Capgemini

High integrity systems and software
Andrew Hawthorn Capgemini

Gabor Takacs Capgemini

Capgemini and Plastic Omnium as a partner for Software Driven Transformation
Guillaume de Lattre Plastic Omnium | Eric Dalla Vecchia Capgemini

Industrial Metaverse
Linn Henning Unity | Daniel Garschagen Capgemini | Daniel Lichtwald Capgemini

Generative AI in Intelligent Industry – Capgemini trustworthy GPT4 advisor
Shamit Bagchi Capgemini | Daniela Rittmeier Capgemini

eMobility connected services related to decarbonization of fleets
Sebastian Verchere Volvo | Olga Bulankina Volvo | Laurent Bianchini Renault Trucks | Christoffer Sundgren Microsoft | Sanny Hammarberg Capgemini | Alex Marandon Capgemini | Nicolas Albert Capgemini

Rethink supply chain management with a digital supply HQ
Guido Burger Salesforce

Data driven decarbonisation
Jones Sean Microsoft | Joachim Schmider Schaeffler | Lukas Birn Capgemini

How to secure smart factories with Zero Trust?
Dr Rene Soltwisch Capgemini | Bernd Wachter Capgemini

Next level transformation for manufacturing industries
Moritz Timothy Gärtner Siemens Energy | Dr Christoph Stich Capgemini | Thomas Brand Capgemini

Intelligent edge automation
Thomas Fechner Bosch | Tammo Schwindt Capgemini​​

Intelligent Industry that aims at optimizing energy consumption of the ovens
Nicolas Miegeville Saint Gobain | Raphael Viard Saint Gobain | Sofiane Medjkoune Capgemini​

5G accelerating Industrial Automation
Marc Lafont Schneider Electric | Sebastiano di Filippo Qualcomm | Anastasia Karatrantou Capgemini

Software Driven Vehicle
Harald Ruckriegel Red Hat | Sebastian Pretscher Capgemini

Quantum centric data driven R&D (QDDRD)
Julian van Velzen Capgemini

L’OREAL – Vision for Quality
Oliver Chapel L’oreal | Hugo Cascarigny Capgemini

AI Challenge – Human vs. Artificial Intelligence? A buzzword hype or ready for industrialization?
Daniela Rittmeier Capgemini | Muhammad Faisal Capgemini

Trusted Logistics
James Speer AWS | Cedric Bordonne AWS

How partnership ecosystems are accelerating the road to net zero in manufacturing
Tobias Ebi Siemens AG | Constanze Martini Capgemini | Lukas Birn Capgemini

The Gigafactory race is on: accelerating the battery manufacturing industry
Puneet Sinha Siemens DI | Pierre Bagnon Capgemini

Siemens & SAP – A cloud based digital thread newly defined and fully integrated
Daniel Montazem Siemens DI | Stefan Ziegler SAP | Stefan Steidle Capgemini

Euriel Malpiece Dassault | Ben Moussa Oussama Capgemini

Sharing experience from an industrial equipment & communications manufacturer: The role of 5G for the intelligent shopfloor
Sander Rotmensen Siemens DI | Fotis Karonis Capgemini

Metaverse – Translating values into value with creativity and empathy
Michael Dopp Hellmann | Per Poulsen Capgemini

Quantum safe technology
Julian van Velzen Capgemini

Leveraging the approach of an energy-efficient industry
Ruth Lütticken Capgemini | Marius Vöhringer Capgemini

Delivering value through Virtual Commissioning
David Eduardo Garcia Luna Romero Capgemini

Generative AI in Intelligent industry – Capgemini Trustworthy GPT4 Advisor
Akhauri Prakash Kumar Capgemini | Dennis Netzer Capgemini

Julia Wortmann Capgemini | Kerstin Papenberg Capgemini

Earthlings Ecopreneur: A portal that acts as a one stop platform for all to ENGAGE on Sustainability
Michael Hansen Capgemini | Swati Sinha Capgemini | Tamalika Chakraborty Capgemini

Accelerating the transition to net zero in industry
Tobias Ebi Siemens AG | Amira El Araki Capgemini

“Get the Future you want”
Sascha Kaus Capgemini |  Alex Bulat Capgemini​

ALM/Codebeamer PLC Capabilities
Carsten Schaubb PTC | Hassan Hasib Capgemini

Tapping the ecosystem of technology Innovation
Matt Segneri Harward | Ben Downing MIT | Nour Ghadanfar Greentown  | Eric Cohen Capgemini  | Holger Lips Capgemini

    TechnoVision 2023

    TechnoVision 2023: Right the technology, write the future


    This publication includes perspectives from a range of executives, entrepreneurs, technologists and academics.

      Software-driven transformation

      Putting customers at the heart of the mobility experience

        Intelligent Supply Chain

        How greater intelligence could supercharge supply chains

          Cybersecurity in Smart Factories

          Smart & Secure: Why smart factories need to prioritize cybersecurity

            Sustainable Product Design

            Rethink: Why sustainable product design is the need of the hour

              Intelligent Products and Services

              Unlock the Opportunity of a Connected Business

                Digital Twins

                Adding Intelligence to the Real World

                  Exclusive presentations and demos at the Capgemini booth

                  New value creation is emerging from smart products and service innovation across every industry. It is forcing companies to change the way they define, make, distribute, and support products.

                  Transform your organization with an integrated and frictionless supply chain that delivers cognitive, touchless operations, and data-driven decision-making.

                  Disruption, saturation, personalization, and sustainability are triggering transformation across entire value chains. Capgemini’s approach to data-centric intelligent operations enables smart manufacturing and streamlined supply chains that are reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

                  Software is migrating from the periphery of vehicles to their core, in a transformation that implicates every stage of the value chain.

                  In the modern smart factory, data and analytics enable machines and people to make intelligent, fact-based decisions that increase performance efficiency and customer centricity, through both autonomous activities and human action.

                  Accelerate to net zero, from commitment to sustainable results.

                  Unleash the promise of end-to-end digital continuity across the entire product lifecycle by seamlessly integrating ideation, engineering, manufacturing, and aftersales into one unified digital collaboration.

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                  Meet our experts

                  Pierre Bagnon

                  Vice President, Global Head of Intelligent Industry Accelerator, Capgemini Invent
                  Pierre is Head of Capgemini Intelligent Industry. As an Industry 4.0 expert, he focuses on the digital and sustainable transformation of the industry, including intelligent operations, intelligent product and services, and digital continuity, notably for the automotive, industrial goods, consumer goods, and life sciences sectors. In addition, he leads the Capgemini Gigafactory practice. Prior to Capgemini, Pierre served as an executive at Bosch.

                  Roshan Gya

                  CEO of Capgemini Invent
                  Roshan Gya has been appointed CEO of Capgemini Invent, the digital innovation, consulting and transformation brand of the Capgemini Group, in January 2023. He is a member of the Group Executive Committee.

                  Jochen Bechtold

                  Managing Director of Capgemini Engineering in Germany
                  Together with the Capgemini Engineering Team and the power of the Capgemini Group, my goal is to further expand the convergence of the physical and digital world towards “Intelligent Industry”, making our clients’ value chains, products and services even more connected, data-driven, intelligent and sustainable.

                  Frank Lubnau

                   Head of Intelligent Platforms in Germany
                  Frank has held the role of Head of Intelligent Platforms in Germany BU for the last ten months and this new role signifies the strategic importance of Intelligent Industry to our SBU growth ambitions, as well as the value it brings to our clients as they seek new ways to unlock competitive advantage.