Tech Leader - Analytics

Your mission 

Capgemini Engineering is constantly growing and attentive to market opportunities and in search of the best professionals to join its team.

We are looking for a Tech Leader to join a challenging project in one of our large clients and market leader in its segment. We'd like to meet you.

  • Management of Azure componenges for the product (Storage Account, Key Vault, Devops, ACR, WebApp, etc);

  • Access and cost management of the product (AAD, Audit, Cost Management, etc.);

  • Knowledge of pipelines and deployment automation (CICD) concepts in Azure through Azure Devops, GIT/ACR, AKS and WebApps);

  • Management of Databricks cluster for data processing and Machine Learning layer;

  • Azure Kubernets cluster management for data ingestion layer;

  • Azure MS SQL Database cluster management for data persistence layer.

- Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or other related discipline;

- Fluency in English;

- Minimum 4 years' experience;

- Experience with Azure (Components, Admin and Services)

- Knowledge: Databricks, Kubernets, SQL Server, HTTPS, AGILE.



Posted on:

June 14, 2022

Contract type:

Permanent [Full-Time]