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The human factor on the path to net zero

We must ensure marginalized communities are not left behind in the race to sustainability. Find out more in the second of our two-part podcast episode discussing the need to go ‘beyond’ net zero.

Rainforests are being decimated. But are the indigenous people to blame? Coal is still being produced. But what alternative is being given to the miners who have no other employment opportunities? These are difficult questions that are explored in Beyond Net Zero – Part  2.

Listen to Daniel Hale, Campaign Director at Purpose and Natalia Węgrzyn from Purpose Climate Labs. They discuss the importance of taking the climate conversation to a far wider audience than is currently the case to ensure marginalized communities and regions aren’t left behind. They are also joined by Capgemini’s Kara Pecknold (frog) who offers a perspective on how companies can take reluctant employees forward on the path to net zero.

This emotive podcast takes us on a journey from Brazil to Poland and further afield. It puts people at heart of the urgent change needed for the world to meet ambitious carbon-reduction targets. What new skills will help us accelerate the transition to renewable energy? How can we give a voice to people who want to change but have no means to?

Tune in to our podcast to hear how our experts are helping communities tell their stories and find their own responses to climate change on the path to net zero — and beyond.

About the speakers

Daniel HaleDaniel Hale
Daniel is a Campaign Director, Faith Lead, UK Campaigns Lead, and member of the London Purpose leadership team, Daniel brings together campaigning flair and organizational development. With a background in community-based campaigning, as well as non-profit management and leadership, he makes sure Purpose’s campaigns deliver across the political spectrum from hyper liberal to deeply conservative. At Purpose, he’s delivered campaigns on global health for the Gates Foundation and climate for the Ikea Foundation and Corporation.
Natalia WegrzynNatalia Węgrzyn
As a Campaign Manager with Purpose Climate Lab, Natalia leads on the development of integrated campaigns that move people to action and change public narratives. She brings together over ten years of experience in campaigning, communication and project management for non-profit organizations in the UK and Poland. Natalia joined Purpose directly from her role as PR Coordinator at Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. She previously worked at Amnesty International, where she was involved in developing campaign strategies for individual cases.
Kara PecknoldKara Pecknold
Kara is an Executive Design Director and Sustainability lead at frog (part of Capgemini Invent) with more than 15 years of experience. A fan of seeing products and services thrive in healthy organizations, Kara has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and impact organizations. She specializes in organizational capability development and, prior to working at frog, developed packaging for the national implementation of the first home-based fortification product in Rwanda that included a design research program with 500 rural households.

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