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Capgemini records an excellent performance in 2017 with growth acceleration fueled by Digital and Cloud

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Internet of Things

Making the Agile Connection with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Priya Patra
Ours is a connected world. The tsunami of IoT devices has come to our homes, workplace, to industries, and to the projects we manage, to the products we create.

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And then, Enlight came into Afshan’s life—making a difference in India

Krishnan Narayan
Enlight is an award-winning project by Capgemini India to bring education to girls from disadvantaged families, including girls with disabilities, or from poor and homeless families.

Capgemini’s 50th Anniversary

Living the Future since 1967!

Is cybersecurity the sixth sense of AI?

Christopher Stancombe
As humans, we tend to “feel” when something is not quite right. This is our instinct, or sixth sense.

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