Gary Taylor

I’m passionate about workplace solutions having worked most of my career in this area. I’ve had many different roles throughout my career, ranging from delivery (including design, transformation and support) to pre-sales, sales and portfolio design (including offering architect and offering manager). This has resulted in a well-rounded deep knowledge of workplace solutions which has greatly helped in my understanding when dealing with the issues that affect organizations and the potential solutions that can help.

I enjoy working with technologies that help to make organisations more productive, flexible and secure. I have worked in teams delivering large scale workplace solutions, where we have designed, deployed and migrated to these new services. This has given me first-hand experience of the challenges that occur when businesses try to adopt new technologies. Every enterprise has unique challenges, and each is at a different place in their adoption of workplace technologies. My skills have helped organisations to adopt modern digital workplace services that enable mobility, enhance security and deliver excellent user experiences.

Workplace solutions have the capability to have a massive positive impact on how people work and to greatly improve user productivity. This is an exciting time for workplace solutions with cloud services, the internet of things, analytics, automation and machine learning bringing new approaches to how people interact with technology in the workplace. Everything is changing – from the way enterprises manage users and devices to the way’s users consume their apps and data. The level of insight enterprises will gain in coming years will enable productivity and security enhancements never seen before.

I’m focused on analysing these new developments to help provide enterprises with new services and products that can help them along their digital journey – or for the most advanced organizations to remain at the leading edge of innovation.

Gary Taylor

My experience

End user offering development and architect @ Capgemini

Sept 2019 - Present

Citrix Offering manager @ IT and Services

Apr 2017 - Sept 2019

Global Client Virtualization Architect @ IT and Services

Nov 2015 - Apr 2017

Global Client Virtualization Architect @ IT and Services

Jan 2005 - Nov 2015

Project Manager @ Banking

Aug 2001 - Jan 2005

Project Manager @ Pharmaceuticals

Jan 1999 - Aug 2001

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