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Careers at Capgemini Engineering


We make industry intelligent. Join us.

We’re world leaders in engineering and R&D services. We help our clients achieve a future that’s smart, sustainable, and successful.

It’s an exhilarating journey – and you can be part of it. Join us for the ride.

Imagine an organization with 65,000 engineers and scientists, working together as a team. They’re practical, but they think outside the box. They’re experienced, but they’re creative. They work with global businesses to help them engineer smart products, to deliver new customer experiences, to create new sources of value, and to make operations as efficient, productive, and sustainable as they can possibly be.

That imagined organization exists. It’s called Capgemini Engineering. We’re an integral part of the Capgemini Group, and the engineering services we provide are uniquely end-to-end. 

Now imagine being involved. Engaged. Making things happen. Being given every opportunity to build a successful and exciting career. Getting a buzz out of every working day. 

It’s time to stop imagining. It’s time to join Capgemini Engineering. 

Five reasons to join us

When you join Capgemini Engineering, you don’t just start a new job. We offer you the opportunity to build the future you want, while shaping the world of tomorrow.

    We’re world leaders…

    We are the unchallenged world market leaders in engineering and R&D services, with a passion for in-depth industry knowledge, cutting-edge digital technologies, and innovative software.

    … and our clients are world leaders

    We are at the forefront of the most revolutionary developments. We work with world-leading companies across all industries to bring real innovations, ‘deep-tech’ projects and groundbreaking technologies to life.

    We solve complex challenges

    Our customers choose us for their most challenging projects. Working with them, we shape the future of mobility, revolutionize healthcare with creative solutions, innovate in 5G – and much more besides.

    Global network

    We work not just in over 50 countries but across them, delivering multinational projects. With teamwork, with a passion for engineering, and with enthusiasm for sharing ideas and experience, we develop the best solutions for our customers.

    Focus on sustainability

    Our cutting-edge technological solutions address e-mobility, energy issues, value chains and more to push our customers to become more sustainable. Why? Because we want to make a difference.

      What our colleagues are saying

      We could go on explaining to you why you should be part of our teams, but it’s even better when it’s our employees who talk about it. Discover the testimonies of Tiago, Pedro, Kátia and Milton.

        “my ultimate drive COMES DOWN TO ONE WORD – IMPACT.”

        "my ultimate drive COMES DOWN TO ONE WORD – IMPACT."

        "I've been fortunate to learn and grow through opportunities, and it's now my mission to create impact by giving back, particularly in sustainability. It's about taking action, moving from words to deeds and ideas to initiatives." – Pedro, Impact Hub Director
        Discover the video

        “Independence empowers my growth.”

        "Independence empowers my growth."

        "I feel like part of a committed family at work, where the work/life balance is respected. As a mother of two, I appreciate the flexibility and support, which makes me more focused and motivated." – Kátia, Impact Manager
        Discover the video

        Find an opportunity that’s right for you!

        Explore all the opportunities currently available at Capgemini Engineering in Portugal.

        Explore career opportunities

        Are you passionate about innovation that makes a sustainable impact? Do you want to grow, and to fulfil your potential with personalized learning opportunities, internal mobility, and more?
        Join our exciting and flexible working environment – and you can be whatever you want to be.

        Are you ready to accompany global organizations on the road to digital transformation – and to help them get there? Would you like to be part of exciting R&D projects that are shaping the future of industry?
        Join the leader in engineering and R&D services – and get the future you want!

        We’re looking for high-achieving scientists and engineers to help our clients solve real-world challenges at the forefront of science and technology. Does that sound like you?
        Join us. We have opportunities for graduates and PhDs, as well as for more experienced technical and commercial professionals.

        Pioneering new horizons

        Want to learn more about who we are and what we do? Discover Capgemini Engineering, the leader in engineering and R&D services.

        Learn more about us

        Innovation is one of the drivers that guide Capgemini Portugal activity: innovating, through engineering, to bring the best solutions to clients, whatever the industry

        Our teams work daily on game-changing projects and are encouraged to develop their skills to the highest level to reveal their full potential.

        Our research and innovation programs are accelerators that enable our customers to conduct high-level R&D activities to unlock the power of technology.