TechnoVision 2018: The Impact of AI

The era of pervasive Artificial Intelligence is here. Exuberant interest and enthusiasm is leading the way to application, triggering a new wave of business technology solutions.

TechnoVision 2018 is for those who want to navigate and apply this complex yet compelling opportunity to their business.


TechnoVision 2018: The Impact of AI

TechnoVision is a tool for you to tell a digital story, a story that shapes an opportunity, answers a question, gives direction, resolves an issue, or simply delights an audience. It is always a story to be told between people, from both the business and IT sides of an organization.

How will you apply TechnoVision 2018?

  • Brainstorm entirely new ideas?
  • Systematically crosscheck a design on how up to date it is?
  • Find a breakthrough to tackle a touch challenge?

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