Front Office Optimization

Sustainable growth depends on the ability to execute strategy which in turn requires alignment across your organization. All this depends upon your ability to work seamlessly and effectively with your partners’ agents, distributors and other providers. Channel optimization is a primary component to support your growth.

Capgemini provides front office optimization solutions to help distributors improve performance, agents sharpen their competitive edge, and insurers focus on customer loyalty and retention.

Distributor Effectiveness: Positioning distributors to improve performance

Understanding your business partner is as important as understanding your customer. Insurers that are in position to win will segment and manage their distribution partners much the same as they would their customers.

Recently, insurers have begun to align their business results with those of their distributors, differentiating their service platforms and commission structures accordingly. The result improved performance for all distributors, and a distributor force which understands the compelling need to perform in alignment with the insurer’s business objectives.

Capgemini works with insurers to develop intelligent applications that deliver cross-sell and up-sell opportunities through best-in-class Distributor Effectiveness solutions.

Insurance Agent Workstation: Transforming the Agent Workstation to meet client needs

Even leading wealth management firms and advisors are challenged to meet the needs of their demanding clients, and to operate profitably in the face of daunting cost and competitive pressures. Insurers entering this space can learn from the competition. Intelligent companies are building integrated, end-to-end wealth management platforms that include leading products, productivity tools, prescribed business processes and technology for their sales forces.

Capgemini offers accelerated, end-to-end solutions to help insurers transform agents into customer development and relationship managers. The centerpiece – where agents leverage their firms’ expertise and resources to meet customer needs – is a new, powerful insurance agent workstation.

Multi-Channel Integration: Focusing on customer loyalty and retention

On the road to building a successful multi-channel business, insurers often find themselves grappling with numerous challenges. On the one hand, you need to integrate to provide a consistent experience across multiple channels. On the other hand, you need to support variations based on customer preferences for each channel.

Finding the right balance is a powerful differentiator: it can enhance brand perception, improve customer loyalty and retention rates, and broaden an insurer’s revenue-generating portfolio.

Capgemini helps insurers turn adversity into profitability by using our deep insurance industry experience, unique methodology and proprietary accelerators to help transform your business with  multi-channel integration solutions.


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