Do you have a TechnoVision for your Utilities business?

Capgemini’s in-depth report into the vision of technology outlines 7 technology clusters which form a matrix to help executives develop a strategic and integrated understanding of their business framework.
It looks at the marriage of business and IT in organisations today, how they are embracing new technologies and analyses how people are interacting with technology on a day-to-day basis.
Today’s workforce is increasingly comprised of individuals who have a different view of how businesses should operate by using technology in a deeper way. This change in the workforce is driving a shift in the way in which technologies are deployed and adopted, with early adopters being the main source of innovation.

The utility-centric point of view on the application of Capgemini’s TechnoVision discusses:

  • People drivers – More than 50 percent of employees in the utility industry will have retired by 2012. The void will be filled with a new generation of people who will have a different approach to technology, which in turn will change how utilities operate, communicate and adopt new technologies
  • Regulatory and compliance drivers – Regulators are currently faced with the battle of balancing affordable water, gas and electricity with high reliability and minimal environmental impact. How will they be using new technologies in the future to redress this balance and drive changes including unbundling, mergers and acquisitions?
  • Technology drivers – The utility sector is one of the fastest changing sectors and as such is ripe for a technology revolution, and is being driven towards it by environmental and customer demands and increasing pressure to drive down costs