Banks are yet to reap the full benefits of new SWIFT services and solutions.

Delays have been caused by two factors: the perception of SWIFT as provider of just infrastructure; and the concentration of SWIFT knowledge among only a few within many banks. Some banks have recognized the benefits that can be gained with SWIFT services but find it difficult to keep pace with the speed of change – for example, to incorporate all changes in the proper way in applicable environments.

Capgemini has a global team fully dedicated to SWIFT-related services. We have conducted SWIFT implementations and upgrades and are a provider of SWIFT Accredited Services in many countries. We earned this distinction by successfully delivering major projects in SWIFT messaging and payments processing. Capgemini can help your bank understand the business potential of SWIFT services and translate potential to performance by helping you adapt to the new standards. We bring together the knowledge and capabilities to incorporate SWIFT solutions into your bank’s service offerings.