Capgemini provides experienced nearshore compliance support for U.S. firms

Post-crisis, banks have seen an increase in regulations and an unprecedented number of regulatory examinations such as matters requiring attention (MRAs) or immediate attention (MRIAs); memoranda of understanding (MOUs); and cease and desist orders. Regulatory institutions such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have increased their scope of influence and enforcement. There is a renewed focus on existing regulations such as anti-money laundering and know your customer that require look-back capabilities, and higher Basel thresholds requirements. Many banks now realize that compliance services are a mandatory spend especially in light of the economic and market volatility.

Capgemini has experiencing helping our clients meet emerging needs to streamline operational processes, upgrade legacy infrastructure, integrate new monitoring systems, and leverage subject matter experts in a costeffective manner. We bring a strong legacy of consulting and advisory services in risk and have invested significantly in compliance to prepare for new and emerging regulations. We offer a co-sourced model to help banks and financial institutions understand, respond, and mitigate future risk associated with the increased regulatory environment.