New RFID track-and-trace solution at Finland Post maximizes utilization of roll-cage assets, improves operational performance and customer service for real ROI.

“ The project was a success and our next step will be upgrading the devices and the whole environment to the gen2. Our target is to improve our own process and create new value-added services to our customers based on the RFID technology. ”Helja Salomaa, Director, Finland Post

The Situation

Finland Post (Posti) is the leading provider of delivery and logistics services in Finland and selected markets in Northern Europe. Each year Posti replaces thousands of its roll-cage transport units due to damage or losses across its logistics supply chain. This annual recurring cost totals millions of euros.

Posti was keen to assess if Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology could provide it with a track-and-trace solution that would improve its roll-cage asset management issues. This would help Posti to ensure that its roll cages were in the right place at the right time, understand internal/external operational bottlenecks and ultimately improve customer service.

The Solution

Using a tried and tested approach based around a controlled RFID lab environment, Capgemini worked with selected partners including BEA Systems to apply its deep experience in RFID engineering and supply chain management. This helped to develop an open-standards-based best-of-breed “passive UHF” RFID track-and-trace solution.

The lab evaluation, testing and solution design resulted in a robust operational pilot solution developed specifically to meet the needs of a challenging environment at Posti, meeting a 100% read-rate performance.

The Result

The track-and-trace solution will enable Posti to ensure that roll cages are in the right place at the right time. It will also reduce management overheads for roll-cage assets, improve internal operational processes and ultimately improve customer service. Posti also expects to realize a good ROI from a full implementation and realize longer-term supply chain benefits through improved operational efficiency and differentiated service potential.

“ For Posti, the best aspect of the whole pilot project was the structure to go ahead. After every phase we went through all the results to decide if we wanted to continue with the pilot project. Most important of all was that as a result we got the definitions for the portal readers, handheld readers and the tags that will work in our environment: our premises, processes and ICT architecture. ”Helja Salomaa, Director, Finland Post