Capgemini 50th year anniversary sculpture.

Made of electronic waste components by the Brazilian artist Jota Azevedo.

Brazil, 2017 June


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Meet the artist

Where are you based?

In Jaboatão dos Guararapes, part of Recife’s metropolitan region.



I’m a plastic artist, sculptor, illustrator and graphic designer.


Where have you exhibited you work?

At Party Brasil in Sao Paulo, in 2014, and at Campus Party Brasil in Recife, in 2013. My work will soon appear on the cover of two books, one published by Editora Positivo, and the other one by Saraiva. My customers include market-leading companies from different segments, such as insurance, textile, beverage, and services.


How many works are in your collection?

I have over 50 pieces in my collection. I have sold about 10. I’m very attached to each of them, because each one is unique, and I know I’ll never be able to reproduce any of them.


What is your style? Do you follow any specific theme?

I believe I’m still evolving, and I don’t want to follow a single line of work, such as robots, spaceships, etc… I like to have the freedom to create a robot, a piece of furniture, or even fashion accessories. I believe nothing should be wasted, and everything can be turned into something artistic and useful.

Maybe my style is only a different way to transform scrap into something new, but always linked to fiction.