Findings from the 15th Annual Study.

This report presents an excerpt of the 2010 15th Annual Third-Party Logistics Study addressing supply chain and logistics issues affecting the fast-moving consumer goods market. The Annual Third-Party Logistics Study documents the growth and evolution of the third-party logistics (3PL) industry and each year, takes an in-depth look at special topics and vertical markets. The study team sought a deeper understanding of the challenges facing the high-volume, low-margin fast-moving consumer goods industry, as well as the strategies that fast-moving consumer goods shippers and 3PLs are using to manage issues such as reducing costs, perfect order fulfillment and rapidly sensing and responding to changes in consumer demand. The study results are based on four streams of research: a web-based survey, desk research, focus interviews with industry experts and a facilitated shipper workshop, and include perspectives from both shippers and third-party logistics providers.